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Our mission is to be the leader in business themed continuing education.

Currently, we have one course available for massage therapists in Canada and USA as a way to to help therapists start-up their own massage therapy business.

Our vision is to grow the number of business courses available to massage therapists and other regulated health professionals (such as Dentists, Chiropractors and Naturopaths) and other sectors (such as Finance and Legal).

Some people learn visually, some are theoretical learners; others need a more hands on approach. For most it’s a combination of more than one.

The fact is – people learn differently.

This project started as a way to help more people with starting up a business successfully – ensuring that you have a strategy in place, that the tactics and tools you use will attract the right type of customers and that the experience that your clients have will reinforce the image that they have of your company.

Our first online course, Starting Up, is a way to help massage therapist’s start a business within their profession or to re-position an existing business. This was our first step towards helping a community of entrepreneurs. More courses for different communities will be launched in the coming months.

If you want to get involved or help out, feel free to send us an email – Scot at TheLearningStudio.co.

Graeme Westwood

Student, senator, country boy, sabermetrician.  Producer of insights and commentary.

Graeme Westwood is a graduating economics student at the University of Western Ontario, a student senator representing all faculties, vice-president (academic) of the Western Economic Society, and will be pursuing a graduate economics degree.  Outside of his academic commitments, Graeme has worked alongside Scot at Gobi Capital since 2013, while in his spare time plotting chess moves and running. 

Bringing a keen eye for research and a deep understanding of analytics with him, Graeme helps entrepreneurs from a variety of fields succeed with their passionate pursuit and achieve their goals.  Mr. Westwood believes that the keys to success are passion and discipline and applies this insight to all his endeavours.


Scot Thom

Entrepreneur, writer, country boy, flâneur. Consumer of vast amount of written works.

Over his fifteen year career, Scot Thom’s focus has been on starting up businesses and fixing the problems associated when a start-up has made a wrong turn. An ardent believer in entrepreneurship, Mr. Thom is willing to sit down with any entrepreneur to help them with their business.

As a side project, Scot launched 10 Startups (www.10-startups.com) dedicating his time to chronicling the challenges of startups and the entrepreneurs who start them.

Scot’s vision for Gobi Capital is to help entrepreneurs launch, grow and successfully lead their businesses in a sustainable manner. Gobi Capital is a finance studio, delivering strategic financial designs to address the capitalization challenges of our clients.

Scot possess a wealth of experience in leadership roles, such as entrepreneur and Director, and supporting roles, such as VP of Sales and Marketing, with small and mid-sized businesses. Scot recently worked with Randy Ai as his campaign manager as a candidate for Toronto City Council (Ward 24 – Willowdale).

Scot volunteers his time with Georgian College as Vice-Chair of the Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee, Canadian Ambassador of CoFounders Lab / Onevest and Mentor with Futurpreneur Canada (formerly CYBF).

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